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  1. There are two things that I think need to be addressed for both young teenagers in this generation and the following as well as the older generation that makes these negative comments about the youth and technology. The first being that not all teenagers are innocent children that have no voice and that are being treated lesser. I understand that there are instances were teenagers are viewed as disobedient rebels but this does not excuse the actions of some of these teenagers that completely disrespect adults/elders because they feel entitled to disprove this label. In some cases, it’s better as a teenager to sit through another “boring” lecture that your parents or guardian gives you about them knowing more than you because at the end of the day they do and it’s our task as teenagers to absorb the knowledge that they provide to us. The second thing is towards the older generations that criticize the younger ones and their use of technology. This society has become so dependent on technology, it’s not just that the younger generation is glued to their phones but rather technology has been made so attainable and all together the easier way to do things. For example, we don’t even need to leave our house anymore, we can have nearly everything delivered to us in our homes even our groceries. It’s hard to imagine being in school and not having a phone or a laptop because of how heavily they rely on technology. At this point it feels like technologies are a necessity that would make life pretty difficult if we didn’t have these devices. But these are just my thoughts that have come to mind because of this wonderful podcast, so thank you for it.

  2. The blog or podcast we very enjoyable. My favorite part was when the teenager talked about how older people basically forgot what it was like to be a kid and to not have a voice. Another piece that I liked was when she was defying Teknowledge and how we as a society are all experiencing the same changes. Love was alao an interesting Point. However, I think love can’t be explained other then you want to be with that person everyday all day. Nonstop thinking about them and that it makes you do crazy things. And that sometimes we can’t help who we love. Other then that I really did enjoy the talk it was fun, open, and honest.

  3. Loved the podcast!!! The young lady gave her honest and unfiltered opinion on love and the also the different types of it. I definitely agree with her dislikes of being a teenager. Majority of elders in black community, treat teenagers as if they don’t have an opinion solely based on their age. When a teen gives their opinion, they are often are seen as disrespect or being “fresh”.

  4. I think that this podcast had great topics. My favorite topic was where they said that young teens do not have a voice. I can agree with that topic because I feel adults, such as parents and teachers, feel that because they are older and are suppose to be looking out for kids like us, they have a superior power over young teens. They pointed out specific detail, which I feel adults needs to listen to and focus on.

  5. I agree with her because it much easier to talk to someone on social media now. So many people are scared to talk to one another, face to face. People freeze up when they talk to someone that is important or someone that is important to them. Adults don’t understand how we don’t talk face to face anymore. They think we can’t do anything because they think we are lazy and won’t let us have a say in things and that not right.

  6. there is no such thing as teenage love, you dont know that you love that boy , your hormones are just talking , you can not love someone at such a young age because you barely know yourself to love anybody else. its nice to think you love a person but you just like them .

  7. I agree with what she is saying and I think it is very important. I thought the podcast was interesting and kept me hook and I didn’t want to click off at any points.

  8. I agree with the girl who couldn’t define love because I don’t feel like everyone has a special soul mate I feel like love is a choice and there’s different types of love for different people you love. Also I think it is crazy how you can start of as hate and end up as love. I think love isn’t something you can go get I think it has to just come. Sometimes you can love someone and not even be aware I strongly believe that.I also think you can hate someone you love and love someone you hate .

  9. this is so interesting. I agree with what she said. Ive never been in love, loving a being in love is a difference. I would know if ive been in love

  10. I think that this mainly talks about how people in different races react to how they perceive social media and their society, mainly relationship wise.

  11. I agree with the girl that social media is built to lower your self- esteem. We follow all these famous/rich people, thinking that we’re going to be like them when we grow up. That’s not how life always works just like she said.

  12. I’m personally not a people person I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to meeting new people it takes a lot for me to step outside of my comfort zone . This is why I think teens and people these days rely on social media for conversations because it’s easier for you to disguise Yourself using a profile rather then having a conversation in person

  13. What I like about this podcast is how Kellie ask the teenager questions about social media , having phones and how talking to a person you may like or find interest in benefit you while texting that person. The responses that the 16 year old girl was giving to Kellie were some valid points. Older people might not understand the whole texting and social media thing , but they have to realize that is apart of life and they shouldn’t be hypocrites about the situation when some of them engage in these activities.

  14. I agree with what London has to say about nobody understanding us. Another thing is of how the adults shut us out of stuff because we are ‘too young’ to understand or we can’t experience this or that. It’s a new generation, things are changing people!

  15. I agree with the podcast in terms of technology having a impact on young love. Because social media somewhat plays a part in the beginning of a relationship, in this generation when someone first meets someone they ask for their social media names and look at their profile to get a feel for how the person is based off of what they post. I don’t like that about this generation because social media shouldn’t really reflect who you are unless you post everything on there which a lot of people don’t

  16. The podcast was very interesting and different from what we usually read, something I can relate to more. When she ask the teenage girl about herself I can relate with the teenage girl saying how things are different from 9th grade year till now. But I feel like you cannot explain love it is just a feel that makes your body quiver all over a feel in your body, I feel like real love is unexplainable.

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