HotHouse Intensive: Reflection

Temple University Musical Theater BFA student José Raúl Mangual took part in a HotHouse Intensive this winter.  He documented the experience through daily reflections and photos to share as blog posts as we prepare for the Summer Intensive.

Application in Performance

I first allowed myself to “sit back” and observe whether I would notice any of the training from the HotHouse intensive arise in performance. I had already built an accessibility to the extremes of my vocal register over the course of the rehearsal process. But, post-intensive, I could not help further nuancing vocal placement by specifying its accompanying physical resonance in my body. Whether the changes made would resonate (comprehensively, not physically) with audience members was uncertain to me, but I am certain it more deeply colored my interactions with Mercutio’s world.

I felt more interior stirrings: stirrings to throttle Romeo, to massage him, to swipe at Benvolio, to smooth my clothing and therefore regain my appearance of composure, and on to increasingly higher degrees of specificity from the inside out. Instead of theorizing actions and obstacles and deliberation of tactics on a sheet of paper or in front of a computerscreen, I was came upon the answers to questions I’d sought before from simply interacting with my fellow actors and the world around me through my ever-malleable text, on my feet and in my body and voice, clothed in the newfound flexibility discovered in the HotHouse intensive.

I found that, in Mercutio’s pursuits and given his circumstances, my body frequented certain resonances. Frequenting these resonances resulted in more consistent colors of response to obstacles, which refined the types of responses accessible to me in Mercutio’s body, mind, and voice! Even if I made no “decisions” about who Mercutio “was”, a character would be created for me through my living in this new acting appendages – which had always been there, but had new levels of familiarity and thorough exercise.

Insistence: Live

After almost two years of struggling everyday with the same vice, I happily share that I have insisted beyond the point of everyday struggle to something less frequent than the majority of a week, with the frequency still decreasing. I believe the efficiency of my fight had something to do with the physical outlet of my insistence – even more specifically, its role in a community. I had physical evidence of the effect of fighting an urge and surrendering to something greater than myself. In the large scale-model, my community is simply this world and the role I intend to play in it. I carry the concept of insistence with me everyday and am continually excited by its multifaceted application.

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